The Legacy Foundation has learned that Maryland's enacted Congressional Redistricting Plan hurts African American voters and violates their constitutional rights. As a result, and in response, the Legacy Foundation is working with a group of African-American voters to prepare a lawsuit to challenge the actions of the State of Maryland. However, to make this happen, the Legacy Foundation needs to raise some significant resources.

Please consider making a donation by clicking below... each dollar you are able to donate gets us one step closer to bring a lawsuit challenging this map.

Case Filings - Posted Mary 21, 2012 (View All)

March 20, 2012 Jurisdictional Statement Filed with US Supreme Court

Case Filings - Posted Dec 23 (View All)

MD Post TrialMotion for Leave to FileProposed Order

Case Filings - Posted Dec 19 (View All)

Morrison RebuttalMD Rebuttal ReportSurreply 12-16

Case Filings - Posted Dec 12 (View All)

Perry v. PerezSupplemental OpinionNotice of SupplementOrder Adopting Plan C220

Case Filings - Posted Dec 7 (View All)

Reply BriefExhibit 1Exhibit 2Exhibit 3Exhibit 4Exhibit 5Exhibit 6Exhibit 7Exhibit 8Exhibit 9Exhibit 10Exhibit 11Exhibit 12Exhibit 13Exhibit 14Exhibit 15Exhibit 16Exhibit 17

Case Filings - Posted Dec 5 (View All)

Judge's Scheduling Order

Case Filings - Posted Nov 21 (View All)

Fletcher Schedule MotionFletcher Scheduling OrderCertificate of ServiceOpposition to Motion to DismissOrder Granting Three Judge Court

Case Filings - Posted Nov 18 (View All)

Motion is Support of PIMD Proposed Order Preliminary InjunctionFletcher v Lamone Declaration for TorchinskyFletcher - Motion for P.I. FilingCertificate of ServiceAttachment AAttachment BAttachment CAttachment DAttachment EAttachment FAttachment GAttachment HAttachment I

Case Filings - Posted Nov 10 (View All)

Complaint (PDF) • MD Proposed Order for Three Judge PanelMD Motion in Support of Three Judge CourtMD Motion for Three Judge CourtAttachment AAttachment BAttachment CAttachment DAttachment EAttachment FAttachment GAttachment H

"Redistricting is more than the the process by which population information is captured within census data that is then used to redraw the lines and boundaries of electoral districts within a state. Redistricting is the bridge between individual liberty and representative government. In a democracy, governments are only legitimate when districts are drawn to represent communities of interest. The operative words are "compact and contiguous districts." The State of Maryland has egregiously ignored the concept of compact and contiguous districts in drawing their congressional plan, instead they chose to violate the most president of federal laws such as "Equal Protection derived by the U.S. Constitution, The Voting Rights Act of 1965 and One-Person-One-Vote. As an African American Female living in the State of Maryland who believes in Voter Protection, I am appalled by these actions and believe it to be my right to oppose such injustices of gerrymandering for political purposes by supporting this law suit on behalf of African Americans and our Ancestors. An injustice done to one is an injustice done to all no matter who the perpetrator, Democratic Majorities or Republican Majorities... It is Still an Injustice."

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