Why the Legacy Foundation?

What kind of legacy is our generation of leaders leaving to future generations?  Is it one that ensures growth and continued prosperity, or one of an economy that will spiral downward.  A legacy of prudent investments in the future or a crippled tax base?  An open government or one where policy makers cannot be held accountable for decisions made in secret?  Do we leave a legacy of prosperity and opportunity, or one of carnage. It is for that reason that Iowans came together to form the Legacy foundation – to evaluate and promote policies that ensure we leave future generations a legacy of prosperity and opportunity. We chose the oak leaf as part of our emblem as the oak is not just our state tree, but it symbolized the strength of positive ideas and the endurance of the ideals of freedom and entrepeneurship. While based in Iowa, our mission is not limited to the land between the Missouri and Mississippi.  Good ideas know no bounds.  And so the Legacy Foundation’s work reaches across the country.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Legacy Foundation is to advance individual liberty, free enterprise and limited, accountable government.  Our efforts center around public policy research and alternative policy initiatives in, but not limited to, these core areas: state fiscal and tax policy, the creation of an entrepreneurial environment, education, labor-management relations, citizenship, civil rights and government transparency issues.

About the Legacy Foundation

The Legacy Foundation was organized to educate the general public about concepts that advance individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited and accountable government. The Foundation also engages in independent, non-partisan research on public policy matters and initiatives.

Address: 600 Fourth Street, Suite 360, Sioux City IA 51101

The Legacy Foundation is a non-partisan organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. THis organization does not support or endorse candidates for election. Contributions or gifts to The Legacy Foundation are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes to the fullest extent permitted by law. Donors do not receive any goods or services in exchange for any port of this contribution.